Warm water helps the body digest food, distribute medications

Warm water helps the body digest food, distribute medications, and detoxify. Read the label to check for the sugar content.

The Signs of Too Little

Its important to know the signs of dehydration so that you can avoid becoming ill.

For good health, try to drink at least four to six glasses of water every day. Therefore, it is important to hydrate.

1) Tap water that has been put through a carbon filter to trap the lead contaminates, is just as safe to drink as any bottled water, and has more minerals than most bottled waters. This method of hydrating has always been promoted by doctors and nutritionists; however, recent research now proves that our hydrating needs vary with our activity levels. It is not possible to detect bacteria or chemicals from the taste of the water. The body cannot always absorb liquid nutrients. Water is, after all, the essential element in carrying nutrition to our cells, and generating circulation, digestion, respiration and cardiovascular functions which are necessary to sustain life. Its also beneficial to know the value of nutrient enhanced water, and how to carry water with you, safely.

How Much is Too Much?

For decades people have followed the 8 plus 8 rule; 8 glasses of water, consumed in 8 ounce glasses or containers, every day.

4) For your good health, carry water in safe containers which are made from aluminum, or glass. Being hydrated, healthy, and having knowledge of what is in the water in your community, is a proactive way to live well and be well. However, drinking cold water has no serious ill effects and if thats the only way to enjoy it, the important point is to hydrate.
. Plastic bottles never break down in landfills and are having a seriously negative effect on the environment.Why We Need It

Water constitutes 60% of the bodys contents. Then supplement your intake with foods that contain high amounts of water content, such as fruits, vegetables and chicken. Reduced sodium causes light-headedness, nausea, and swelling of the body.

Five Facts You Need to Know

Everyone needs information about what is contained in the drinking water in their community. Environmental groups in every community test the water for common contaminants, regularly and publish reports for every resident. An active lifestyle requires more hydration than a sedentary amount of movement. We carry the clear stuff with us everywhere, and everyday. The signs include: headache, thirst, fatigue, and dizziness. Many people consume other liquids to keep hydrated. Illness also requires an increase in fluids, if fever is present in the body, or some kind of infection. Too much water being consumed when jogging or working out, causes a reduced level of sodium in the body. Fruit juices, milk, coffee and tea are frequently substituted for water.

3) Water that sits in plastic bottles collects bacteria and can leach toxic chemicals from the plastic into the water.

Warm Water Is Best

The best temperature to drink water is at room temperature. Many of us are so concerned about being hydrated, that Americans are often referred to as the Hydration Nation. Although these Plastic Storage Boxes Manufacturers fluids do hydrate, many juices have a high level of sugar or fructose corn syrup which contains high calorie content, and the sugar has no nutritional value.

5) If you live in a community which has unsafe drinking water, invest in a good reverse-osmosis filter for your faucet that separates contaminates from the water which can cause health risks.5 grams or more, and other additives. Never drink too much water because it can be deadly.

2) Nutrient enhanced water has too much sugar, usually about 32.

Hydrate for a Healthy Life

Without water, the body cannot sustain itself for more than a few days